These products are my absolute favorites when it comes to my beauty routine.
Caudalie Beauty Elixir – This thing is perfect for a long day in front of the computer or when traveling. It gives your skin the moisture it needs, and you feel refreshened after using it.
Ole Henriksen Truth Creme – When I first started using this creme, I saw the changes in my skin after only a week. My skin got a glow that I had not seen before. An absolute everyday favorite.
Clinique Concealer – This concealer has a great ability to cover up dark circles and spots and still giving a natural result.
D&G Perfume 3 – Smells amazing and lasts all day.
Aesop Shine Hair Oil – I have fallen in love with many Aesop products, but this might be my favorite. It gives my hair the perfect healthy look. It is perfect if you have dry ends. Diptyque Candle – Smells lovely and looks great. 
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